Image: A picture of Jojo the poodle, to reward regular readers who read this post and consider answering the questions.

Instead of a blog post, I’m going to ask some questions, and I would be most grateful to those who answer in the comments. There are no wrong answers, just a desire on my part to learn more about my regular readers.

  1. Do you identify as:
  • Jewish
  • Not Jewish
  • Partly Jewish


2. How much Jewish education have you had?

  • None at all.
  • Some, but I don’t remember anything from it.
  • Several years of religious school
  • Several years of Jewish day school / cheder / yeshiva
  • I have several years of synagogue-based study as an adult.
  • I have a degree in Jewish Studies.
  • I am a professional Jew (rabbi, chazzan, educator, administrator, other)

3. Which of these categories best matches your Jewish identity?

  • Reform
  • Renewal
  • Orthodox
  • Reconstructionist
  • Conservative
  • Just Jewish
  • Just Curious

Thank you!