I’m in a quandry.

This is the 844th post on this blog, and some of the very basic material is WAY back in the files, chronologically speaking. Lately I have repeated some topics as a way of moving them up to the front, and I’ve thought about many different schemes for re-organizing things here. However, if it “ain’t broke” I don’t want to fix it!

I need input from you, my readers. Even if you don’t usually comment, I’d appreciate your answers to the following questions in the comments.

  1. Have you ever used the search box at the top of the right hand column?
  2. Have you ever searched by “Categories,” the drop down menu on the right?
  3. What topics would you would like me to cover in the near future?

Thank you very much for helping me with your replies! If there’s anything else you want me to know (requests, complaints, comments) I welcome your feedback.