Car Repair. Photo by davidpheat/Pixabay.

Yes, I’m tinkering with the blog again. I wanted links that stood out more clearly. I wanted a format that would work better with Google AdSense. I wanted something fresh and new.

So you may see things shifting around on your page. I’m not done. If something bothers you, speak up. If you like something, speak up. I’m listening, but not necessarily taking orders.

I have begun allowing ads on the blog in the hopes of defraying some of the cost of this blog. While it is possible to run it on a shoestring, after seven years of shoestringing I thought I’d give the ads a try. Again, listening for feedback here!

AND: Ask the rabbi something! Topics, topics, I need topics! What did you see at synagogue that seemed mysterious, weird, or wrong? What did someone tell you “All Jews Do” and you just wondered? What tchotchke [trinket] do you have around the house that belonged to your grandmother and it has Hebrew letters on it and you don’t know what it is?