10 thoughts on “Justice Kennedy’s Poetic Words”

    1. Fabio, you are sweet, but all the bravos today go to the people who have fought for years to see this day. I may have a teeny tiny piece of that via volunteership over the years, but the bravos go to the many.

  1. I am extremely frustrated that I am still unable to comment on your blog.I wrote a really great comment the other day about the Jewish museum in SF. Didn’t get posted even though I’m signed on.Couldn’t post today, either.Is anyone else having this issue?pamelap.s. Anyway..a great day for marriage equality!!! 

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  2. Our world is changing and so are our values. The principles the support marriage are the same as they always were as Justice Anthony Kennedy so eloquently expressed regardless as to whether the sex of the partners is different or the same. The commitment to the companionship that marriage expresses and allows is something that we humans have created to define that commitment. Bravo and At Last!

  3. After the decision was announced, the LBGT community outside the Court sang God bless America and shed his light on thee.” I was crying, but mark me, I’m glad this happened. I’m especially glad to have met LBGTs in the last 30 years so I was able to see how their lives are so various.

    I couldn’t be here without you.

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