Stop AAPI Hate

The text of this graphic is below:

The Jewish people know all too well how hate

can move from words to actions.

For years, the Asian-American community has

reported increasing incidents of prejudice and

hatred, and yesterday in Atlanta that bigotry erupted

into devastating violence.

The women’s Rabbinic Network mourns with

the families of those who were killed, we

offer support and comfort to our Asian-American

members, and we stand with the Asian-American community.


Teaching the High Holy Days

Today I taught an online class on the Fall Holiday Cycle, aka the High Holy Days. I did a demonstration of shofar blowing and gathered a crowd here in the house. The dogs are fascinated by the shofar but a bit shy of its sound.

If you have ritual objects in your home, keep in mind that shofarot smell like fabulous chew toys, as do scrolls and the klaf in your mezuzah. Keep the shofar, etc. out of reach of pets.

Photo by Linda Burnett, all rights reserved.