The Spirit of Purim (Videos!)

Image: A little girl enjoys facepainting. Photo: JKakaroto/Pixabay

Are you ready for Purim yet? Got the little gifts for friends? Given tzedakah for the holiday? Planned a festive meal? Decided where you are going to hear the megillah?

Or are you having trouble getting in the mood?

Yes, the news is full of bomb threats and vandalism. In the United States, there are not many Jews alive who can remember a time when there was so much open anti-Semitism. This is exactly the sort of time for which Purim was made: it is when we feel most threatened that Purim comes to buck us up, to remind us that we’ve seen it all before.

Celebrate in spite of it all. That principle is at the heart of Jewish survival.

So here are some videos to help you get in the mood for the holiday.  Enjoy!





And some fun traditional children’s songs, in Hebrew: