Mishpatim – Han Solo shot first and what the Torah says about it. — By Ben

I love this drash on parashat Mishpatim! Whatever your feelings about Star Wars, it’s a great illustration of how Torah works.

Six Degrees Of Kosher Bacon

darth kotel But how does he wrap Tefillin?

George Lucas has rereleased the original Star Wars trilogy several times over the years. And in 1997 he started to make changes, most infamous of which is known as Greedo Shoots First.

You see in all versions of the film, Han Solo is at the famous Cantina bar in Mos Eisley, when he is confronted (at gun point) by the bounty hunter Greedo. As Han tries to talk his way out of his abduction, he slowly reaches for his gun. In the original cut, Han, with the quick draw, pulls out his gun, fires, leaves Greedo dead, and casually walks out of the Cantina. However, George Lucas digitally changed the film in 1997 so now Greedo fires his blaster at Han Solo first, misses, and Han shoots subsequently. Watch below if you want to see for yourself.

Now I know it looks like they shot at the…

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