This Shabbat is called Shabbat Shirah, the Sabbath of Song, because we read the Torah portion Beshallach. It contains the magnificent Shirat HaYam, the Song of the Sea. The Israelites survive the crossing of the Sea of Reeds with a great miracle, and in gratitude, they sing this song. Then they begin their adventures in the Wilderness of Sin (yes, that’s really the name.)

Some words of Torah on Parashat Beshallach:

My Strength Balanced with God’s Song by Rabbi Rachel Barenblat

Beating Karma to the Punch by Rabbi Marc Katz

Shabbat Shira: The Song of Miriam by Rabbi Sylvia Rothschild

I Will Not Forget the Night We Left Egypt by Rabbi Ruth Adar

The Original Fast Food Nation by Rabbi Doug Sagal