Arguments for the Sake of Heaven


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I’d like to acquaint you with another wonderful online resource: the Web-based edition of Sh’ma.  This issue “Arguments for the Sake of Heaven” is timely, and their back-issues (you can find them through the link above) are a treasure trove of Jewish perspective on the issues of the day. I love Sh’ma and am an avid reader – I encourage you to get acquainted with it as a source of sekhel [wisdom] and Torah.

Argument For The Sake Of Heaven. How do we participate in constructive argumentation? Page 6 features art by JAS member Beth Grossman: Sh’ma Now editor Susan Berrin: “The election is over; the inauguration has passed. We face four years of an administration that will challenge us in extraordinary ways. One of the responses I thought might […]

via Sh’ma Now – February Issue MACHLOCHET L’SHEM SHAMAYIM — Jewish Art Salon

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