This is a repost from a blog written by a regular commenter on this blog, Otir. I share it because Rabbi Marcus Burstein z”l sounds like such a wonderful individual. I learned from reading it, and I hope that my readers will, as well.

(Also, Otir’s blog is well worth following: One Day at a Time)

The whole world is a narrow bridge and the important thing is to not be afraid ~ Rabbi Nachman of Breslav כָּל הָעוֹלָם כֻּלוּ גֶשֶׁר צַר מְּאֹד וְהָעִיקָר לאֹ לְפַחֵד כְּלַל

This was one of the favorite quotes of my rabbi, Marcus L. Burstein, z”l As […]

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