Hack On, Hack Off

Image: A Broken Lock. Photo by Rohit Sharma, via pixabay.

Back when the world was young and I was a college student, the slang that young men used for angry was “hacked off.” Girls didn’t use it, but I remember guys saying, “I’m so hacked off about….” whatever it was annoying them. The phrase always comes back to me when someone says, “I’ve been hacked.” Now I’m the hackee.

‘Way back in 2012, someone who didn’t like my comments on You Don’t Mess with the Zohan deciphered my password and used it to mess up one of my blogs.  I wrote about it in You Don’t Mess With the Laughter.

Well, it happened again. This time someone didn’t like a post about the term “Old Testament.” They logged onto my account and got rid of that post.

I’ve repaired the damage, reposted the article, and gotten password generation software, so that I can have strong passwords without having to remember them. If you readers care about your data, I encourage you to do the same.

But I am still worried about the person who felt so strongly about that post that they went to all the trouble of prying open my account to get rid of it. That person was hurting, I assume, or they wouldn’t have done that.

To anyone unhappy with a post on this blog:

Please leave me a question in the comments, or tell me that I have offended you. Leave something like this and I promise you will receive a civil answer from me. It may not be the answer you want but it will take into account your feelings.

Rabbi Adar, your post The Jewish Bible ≠ The Old Testament was offensive to me. It was disrespectful of Christianity in the following ways: (1) (2) and (3). Please reconsider your offensive words.

Keep in mind that if you write something with name-calling I will delete that; company policy. So this will not be allowed to stay on the board:

Rabbi Adar, you idiot, you commie pinko lesbo socialist…. blah blah blah….

Write that, and I will delete your message. However, you can rest assured that if anyone calls you an idiot, or any of those other names, or a fascist, or a toadcushion, I will delete their message with equal speed and enthusiasm.




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Rabbi Ruth Adar is a teaching rabbi in San Leandro, CA. She has many hats: rabbi, granny, and ham radio operator K6RAV. She blogs at http://coffeeshoprabbi.com/ and teaches at Jewish Gateways in Albany, CA.

7 thoughts on “Hack On, Hack Off”

  1. How very sad. That post helped me go back and re-examine some of what I had written with Christians in mind but shared for a general audience.

  2. Heartbroken that someone who identifies as Christian (as do I) is so full of hate and stupidity! We’ve all had enough of this type behavior. We are better than this and it needs to stop!!

    1. You know, Diane, I’m not certain that’s who did it. Maybe something else I said bothered them, or maybe it wasn’t even personal. I’ll never know unless they tell me.

  3. It is crazy. I am christian and i follow your blog since long time ago, love to read your writtings and sometimes i share them on Fb an Twitter. I have learned so much with you Rabbi. That post in particular i found it very educative and did share it on my Twitter. I can’t imagine why someone would do that to you, i mean, that post was no offensive at all. I am glad that you found that software. Keep writting and sharing your widsom Rabbi! Shalom!

  4. Good morning Rabbi. You removed a cloak from the Christian bible with your article. I may have mentioned I studied world faiths for more than nine years to become a Jesuit. (I chose a different path after my studies.)

    Too many Christians are “not told” the early church (300-400 AD) borrowed Jewish writings and placed them into the first of two books. Only certain parts of the “scripture” were used in order to show and/or prove Jesus of Nazareth was the messiah. When those uneducated hear or read it they become distraught to say the least.

    Rabbi you very likely hit another nerve as well. We see and read the hateful articles about the Jewish peoples of the world. Imagine finding out something important you were taught is not entirely true. Out come the Jewish conspiracy videos and articles, due to ignorance, the root of racist attitudes. Rock on Rabbi Ruth Adar.

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