Do you live in California, North Dakota, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, or South Dakota?

Have you voted today?

Well, why the heck NOT?

Voting is our opportunity to voice our opinions, not only about candidates for president but for all the downticket issues and potential leaders.

Those state reps, local judges and yes, small town mayors make a big difference in our everyday lives. Bodies like the School Board are where the big politicians get their start.

Some will say, “It doesn’t make a difference” but I assure you, when people vote, it does make a difference. The best evidence I can offer for that is the energy that certain parties and politicians have put into keeping certain groups from voting.




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Rabbi Ruth Adar is a teaching rabbi based in San Leandro, CA. She has many hats: rabbi, mom, poodle groomer, and ham radio operator K6RAV. She blogs at as the Coffee Shop Rabbi.

6 thoughts on “Vote!”

  1. There’s a wonderful synchronicity to this, as it applies to me, too… Scotland! I voted today( postal – not up to getting to polling station)

    Here, in the U.k, we are having a “stay or leave” referendum, about whether the U.k is to remain a member of the European Union, or leave. I’m old enough to remember – and have voted in – the very first one, in which we joined what was then called “The Common Market”……somewhere along the line, it seems to have morphed into “The European Union”. There are those who think that the intention is to be a little like a “United States of Europe”…

    So, that’s what’s going on, here…..and I continue to watch the US political events with interest…..everything seems to be getting stranger and stranger, all over the world, I think…..



  2. I always go to the polls to vote at every election. I believe it is my civic duty, responsibility and privilege. 

    Pamela FenderAuthorBeside Myself:Recovery From My Family Betrayal and Estrangement – A Memoir

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  3. It was super important in North Carolina. We were having a second primary because of crazy redistricting, since the court ruled the gerrymander was unconstitutional. Well, it has been confusing since there are a number of districts that have been changed. Many votes were not counted from the first primary because we were waiting for the court ruling and then, because the districts were drawn in an unconstitutional manner.For us, we had only a NC Supreme Court justice vote…and this was crucial to help maintain the balance in our highest court. Happy to say that our Judge of choice got in. There will be a real election on this one.

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    1. Wow! That’s exactly the sort of issue I meant. The pumped-up hype of the national “races” (I hate that word!) blinds too many people to the importance of the local elections.


  4. As your neighbor north of the 49th we patiently await a massive turnout of voters. Even though our parliamentary system is different we gave the previous government a swift kick in the you know where. It was the much higher voter turnout that made it happen.


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