Searches That Worry Me

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From time to time, I use this blog to talk a little about some of the unfriendly things people say about Jews. I do it to educate, so that someone searching for information will learn something about “Talmud” or the Blood Libel that isn’t from a hate group. When I do a search for certain topics, it’s frightening how much sewage that comes up. I’m trying to fight that with better information.

The titles I put on those topics are perhaps a little alarming to some readers (e.g. Is the Talmud Full of Lies?) but I word them that way for a reason: I want the person asking the question to find my answer at least as soon as they find an antisemitic take on the subject.

The frequency with which searchers seek those topics on my blog saddens and worries me. One of the most popular queries on Google that brings people here has to do with Jews and money, usually phrased as “Why are Jews rich?” They find Why do Some People Think All Jews are Rich? and I hope it is helpful to them. I periodically refine that post when I have better information, because I want it to be as forthright as possible.

But I have to admit, it chills me that that post gets so many hits. It got 961 hits in January, and at this writing, 11 hours into the day, it already has 20 hits today. That’s almost two hits per hour!

Gentle readers, if you have an idea for similar topics that might be helpful to someone who’s trying to sort out what to believe about Jews, I welcome your suggestions.

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Rabbi Ruth Adar is a teaching rabbi in San Leandro, CA. She has many hats: rabbi, granny, and ham radio operator K6RAV. She blogs at and teaches at Jewish Gateways in Albany, CA.

14 thoughts on “Searches That Worry Me”

  1. Autocomplete says the other common queries are “why are jews so rude/smart/disliked/successful”. 😮

  2. How about “Is there a Jewish Conspiracy?” Of course, to someone determined to believe that there is, any denial is only seen as evidence to the positive…

  3. Interesting you brought this subject up in the way you did. Just two days ago Fox News Radio had this very subject as a topic of discussion. The link is here:

    I bring this up because this particular interview was very productive. It discussed the nature of Jewish culture in terms of financial success. What I was pleased to hear – was the informative (understanding it is an opinion piece) and positive nature of this discussion.

    Interest, I am certain, comes from voters recognizing that Bernie Sanders is Jewish. CNN has posted a story on this topic and asks if Sanders cares about the fact that he is a Jew running for president.

    My hope is that some naysayers will start to understand that success comes from service, from perseverance, from study, determination and grace in living.

    I, for one, am grateful for your blogging about this subject. Education and information; sure to turn over at least a few long standing ‘misunderstandings’ and assumptions.


    1. Wow, Debra, thank you! I had no idea that interest in Sanders might be stirring the zeitgeist in this fashion.

      We are in agreement that education can go a long way. Thank you for reading and commenting!

  4. Rabbi, the other day I was reading a post by an indie film maker who was commenting that it is hard to get indie films sponsored and played in theaters and along the way mention was made about the control the studio owners have over what types of movies are made/released and how they influence society and he brought up a claim that before and during the Nazi war the Hollywood moguls pandered to Germany despite many being Jewish themselves. I tried to look into background of that statement and found conflicting books written about the subject, nothing concrete, but it seems to be what a lot of people want to believe about Hollywood, movies and TV alike, that Jews ‘control’ and ‘manipulate’ the entertainment industry and maybe even the ‘news’ we get. Any helpful suggestions concerning that notion? thank you

  5. There are so many choices (writing provocatively here, not to say I believe any of false claims below):
    Is Israel an apartheid state?
    Do Jews harvest organs from Palestinians?
    Did the Jews kill Jesus?
    Why do the Jews hate the Palestinians/want to steal their land/oppress them?
    Why would a person with liberal values oppose BDS?
    How are Jews using “pinkwashing” to try to make Israel look better to liberals?

  6. Rabbi,

    The reason why Jews are hated around the world (even now) is that Jews do not live according to the Law of God, which is ONLY Written Torah. Rabbis like you have added to the Law, which is prohibited by Devarim 4:2. And then you are surprised that people hate you? Don’t you understand that you make people hate us! You are spreading lies and misinformation about God and Torah. You deserve what is coming to you. Have you ever read the book of Deuteronomy? It clearly and explicitly states what I’ve just said. God hates the Jews right now! We are not righteous in His eyes!

    What do you have to say to that?

    1. Aleksandr, while I acknowledge your right to your point of view, this is my blog in which I teach the basics of Judaism as I practice and understand it. You are more than welcome to write on your own blog, but I am not here to debate the legitimacy of Rabbinic Judaism.

  7. Sorry that this blog topic has attracted such a harsh comment. I appreciate the time and effort you put into your posts, Rabbi Adar and have learned much to help my faith.

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