You are probably wondering, “Did she fall into a hole? Did something bad happen? Where is that pesky rabbi, anyhow?”

I’ve been quiet, and I can’t promise I will be as regular as I like to be for a while yet. At first I was in the hospital, dealing with a health problem. Now I am home, dealing with the solution to the health problem. I much prefer the latter, which mostly falls under the heading of Adjusting to Side Effects of Medication. I will not supply more details because even though I’m a blogger, I do have a few boundaries. Anything I said would be TMI, trust me.

A lot has gone through my head. I finally returned to services on Saturday morning, and it felt so good that I intended to go back for Yizkor and the many lovely services of Shimini Atzeret and Simchat Torah, but the body didn’t permit. I needed to stay home. I’m still healing.

I am awed by the number of people who tell me they are praying for me, awed and grateful. Thank you if you’ve been praying, and if you intended to and didn’t that is ok (I think those prayers “count” too.) I feel surrounded by a cloud of Good Intention. It makes the rest of it much easier.

I wish you all a Shavua Tov, a good week. I’ll post again soon.