Threats Against the Jewish people in Europe and America

Rabbi John Rosove points us to three articles that I thought you might find stimulating. Read and see what you think.

Rabbi John Rosove's Blog

I refer you to three important articles that raise questions and challenges concerning Jewish well-being in Europe and America.

The first is a provocative piece that appeared in The Huffington Post that recalls the classic Jewish fear that we are an “ever-dying people,” yet it shines a light on the specific challenges facing liberal American Jews today on the one hand as well as the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community of America on the other.

The second is an investigative report in The Atlantic on the rise in anti-Semitism in Europe and what might be the future of Europe’s remaining Jews.

The third is a short op-ed that appeared in New York’s The Jewish Week, concerning the attack on American Progressive Zionists by the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA). My predecessor at Temple Israel of Hollywood, Rabbi Max Nussbaum (z’l), served in the 1950s as the President of the…

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Rabbi Ruth Adar is a teaching rabbi in San Leandro, CA. She has many hats: rabbi, granny, and ham radio operator K6RAV. She blogs at and teaches at Hamaqom | The Place in Berkeley, CA.

2 thoughts on “Threats Against the Jewish people in Europe and America”

  1. Dear Rabbi,

    Well… Don’t take it too heartedly or personal, but here, in Europe, most people just don’t care. Jews have had a very old tradition of persecutions, killings, massacres, that for many, it just seems part of mainstream and usual business.
    The January killings in Paris, triggered deep feelings and emotions towards journalists. But the four Jews murdered in a store the day after, were thrown into oblivion by the media and public opinion. Must be a Jewish feature, a habit, to be slain from cold blood…

    A leftist colleague of mine, a few days later, asked me: “How do you feel, and your kind, about that?”

    I turned around, to show her I was thinking she was talking to someone else. (Like, what man, you’re Jewish, a hard supporter of Israel, not really French in fact.)

    Couldn’t find anything else to reply other than:
    “Well, we’ve known that for more than three millenia, but for for you, it’s really knew, and I guess you’re not prepared. Do you think you’ll have three millenia? I’m afraid not, sorry for you.”


    1. Jacques, you are absolutely right. The situation in Europe is full of pressure – the Israelis call it “Lachatz”- and I don’t know how it would feel to be raising Jewish children there right now. However, it is your home. My good thoughts and my heart are with you these difficult days.


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