New Feature: Ask the Rabbi

9647972522_eb1f0c3ca7_zLately I’ve gotten some great questions from readers. I’ve decided to set up a more formal “Ask the Rabbi” feature.

So here’s the deal: If there’s something you want to know, ask! You can click “Ask the Rabbi” in the menu bar above to ask your question, or you can ask in the comments for any article. If I’ve answered the post in a previous post, I’ll answer with a link, but if I haven’t covered your question already, I will use it in an upcoming post.

I look forward to your questions!

– Rabbi Adar

Image: “Question Box” by Raymond Bryson – Some rights reserved.

6 thoughts on “New Feature: Ask the Rabbi

  1. In the messianic era when moshiach is here will all the sacrifice be. Or will be a thanksgiving offerings? I just love to study on these things; Rebbe Nachman said on this there would be no.need for the other sacrifice because it will perfect.


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