Coffee Shop Rabbi

Basic Judaism spoken here.


Something to know before you contact me: I do not officiate at weddings or sponsor individuals for conversion. 

For referrals to rabbis in the San Francisco Bay Area, I recommend checking out where there is a list of rabbis with testimonials, links, and information. Outside the Bay Area, I strongly recommend you contact a Jewish organization in your own geographical area for referrals. There are many fine rabbis out there.

Things I am happy to chat about with you, via email or regular old Post Office mail:

  • Introduction to Judaism classes
  • Inquiries about guest blogging
  • Inquiries about Scholar-in-Residence weekends
  • Inquiries about republishing portions of my work here on the blog

You have two choices for contact. The contact form goes straight to my email inbox. Alternatively you can reach me at the snail-mail box listed below it.

Rabbi Ruth Adar
Coffee Shop Rabbi
1271 Washington Ave, #311
San Leandro, CA 94577



5 thoughts on “Contact

    1. You are welcome, and thanks! I’ve been doing a little “spring cleaning” on the blog, and realized my blog roll had gotten moldy. I enjoy your blog and it is a pleasure to send readers there!


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