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As Ecclesiastes 3 points out so eloquently, there is a time for everything.

I began Coffee Shop Rabbi and this blog in March of 2010. I wanted to write simple explanations about Jewish life, and to correct misconceptions about Jews and Judaism. At that time, if you Googled “Talmud” the first page of citations that came up were antisemitic web sites. Thanks to changes made by Google, and an explosion of Jewish participation in the World Wide Web, that’s no longer the case. came into being, with articles from genuine experts, not just one rabbi. came into existence, making Jewish texts available to anyone who wishes to “Ta Shma” — Come and Learn!

Over the past four years, my mission shifted: I tried to address the challenges of living in a world of what seemed like increasing darkness. What I learned was that in such a time, we Jews need community, not lone voices. I spent more time teaching classes at HaMaqom, more time on social media, and felt that here on the blog, I was mostly repeating myself.

Then came March of 2021.

HaMaqom | The Place has hired me as their new Executive Director. I will still teach Intro to the Jewish Experience on Sunday afternoons and evenings, but the bulk of my time will be spent nurturing its brilliant staff, raising funds, and representing the organization in the community.

HaMaqom | The Place creates inclusive communities through Jewish learning and practice. That is its mission statement, which is perfectly in line with my own mission, which you can read in another post, Passing the Torah. I’m going to put my heart, my soul, and my energy into building HaMaqom into a place — The Place — where Jewish friendships and connections are nurtured and from which new Jewish leadership can bloom.

I invite my readers to join me on this journey. How?

I haven’t decided what to do with this blog. I suspect that its job is done. I will keep the domain name and make sure it is maintained — it is, after all, ten years of work, still useful when someone wants a quick answer to a simple question! — but I don’t expect to post new material here, unless I use it to tell you about programs at HaMaqom.

Thank you for reading, thank you for your questions, your feedback, and your encouragement. I hope at least some of you will follow me into my next chapter.

We pass the Torah from hand to hand
and make sure all the Jews who want can hold it:
can write it on their hearts,
speak of it in their homes,
teach it to their children,
bind it on their hands,
hold it before their eyes,
and write it – in golden letters! –
on the doorposts of their gates.

Rabbi Ruth Adar, Passing the Torah

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Rabbi Ruth Adar is a teaching rabbi in San Leandro, CA. She has many hats: rabbi, granny, and ham radio operator K6RAV. She blogs at and teaches at Jewish Gateways in Albany, CA.

11 thoughts on “Changes at Coffee Shop Rabbi”

  1. Mazel tov on your job! So glad to hear it! This blog has been an amazing resource and I’m so glad to hear you have this fantastic new outlet for your talents.

  2. Rabbi, I am glad to learn about your new job, and sorry your coffee shop Rabbi time is over.

    It’s good to have a coffee shop Rabbi.

    Be well, and keep teaching.

    1. Congratulations! I’m excited about your role and mission for HaMaqom. Wherever you go you foster a place and community that attracts and nurtures souls. I’m so thankful for all you’ve done not just for me, but the broader Bay Area community. I’m also glad you’re going to keep your blog online as a resource—I routinely reference past articles.

  3. Congrats Rabbi, on your new role!

    On Fri, Mar 19, 2021 at 12:49 PM Coffee Shop Rabbi wrote:

    > rabbiadar posted: ” Image: Logo of HaMaqom | The Place As Ecclesiastes 3 > points out so eloquently, there is a time for everything. I began Coffee > Shop Rabbi and this blog in March of 2010. I wanted to write simple > explanations about Jewish life, and to correct miscon” >

  4. Mazel tov on this new professional chapter in your life. As my mother, z”l, always used to tally sister and me whenever we started out on a new adventure, whether it was a first date or a college career: “Go with the right foot.”
    Shabbat shalom!

  5. Oh, my heart is broken. Yes, I have been keeping up with HaMaqom. And I will continue to do so. But I so rely on your Blog here, for your presentation of the daily nuggets of news, for your updates on how you view & experience life, & for your links to the near-weekly Torah or Torah-inspired readings.

    For us to read about a rabbi’s evolution is such a treat. And our loss thereof? So sad… .

  6. Rabbi It’s been good learning with you; thank you. Best to you in your new endeavors in Jewish learning.
    New chapter! May you and all of us go from strength to strength.

  7. Rabbi Ruth, I am so pleased for you. What a journey you have been/are on.

    May you go from strength to strength.

    Shabbat Shalom

    Susan Levy

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