Shabbat Shalom! – Shoftim

Image: Scales, law books, a gavel. (BillionPhotos/Shutterstock)

This week’s Torah portion is Shoftim [“Judges”.] It is a fascinating portion because it describes an entire idealized societal structure for the Israelites. It also contains the oft-quoted line, “Tzedek, tzedek, tirdof” [Justice, Justice you must pursue.”]

Rabbi Sylvia Rothschild – Authority cannot be taken it must be given so stop the bullies and stand up for diversity in the Jewish world

Maggidah Melissa Carpenter – No Goddesses Allowed

Rabbi Amy Scheinerman – The Problem of Prayer

From the What’s P’shat? blog at Yeshiva University – Urban Planning

Rabbi Stephen Fuchs – Let’s Put the “Eye for an Eye” Verses to Bed Once and For All!

Rabbi Rachel Barenblat – Pursue Justice So That You May Truly Live

Rabbi Ruth Adar – Justice & Idolatry: What’s the Connection?






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Rabbi Ruth Adar is a teaching rabbi based in San Leandro, CA. She has many hats: rabbi, mom, poodle groomer, and ham radio operator K6RAV. She blogs at as the Coffee Shop Rabbi.

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