What a year!

This is my 327th post of the year, up from 288 posts last year.

There have been 121, 794  visitors to this blog in 2015.

There were 190,063 page views.

Many people sought out the blog from search engines, looking for answers to particular questions. They were, in fact, the bulk of the readers. The ten articles accessed most often:

All of these are older articles, but they seem to become more popular year after year. I’m glad: one of my goals is to provide simple answers to people who are unfamiliar with Judaism.

The ten most popular new articles this year:

I notice that many of these articles came from questions that readers sent me, or that they asked in the comments section. I appreciate your questions because they help me focus on my mission: to offer simple explanations to answer your questions.

Perhaps the most exciting development, to me, is that the Comments have really come to life this year. You left 1,868 comments – more than 1,000 more than last year! I am particularly pleased that you teach and learn from one another, and that the community that gathers here is able to disagree without rancor.

Most of all, it is a pleasure to learn with you and from you.

Thank you for a great year!