What’s a Coffee Shop Rabbi?

I’m a rabbi who works with people in their homes, in their place of work, in any place that’s convenient for a conversation or study. Often that place is a coffee shop, hence the name.

I am not a replacement for a synagogue membership. But not everyone is at a place in their life where synagogue membership makes sense or is even possible. Perhaps you aren’t Jewish, but you have some questions about Judaism. Perhaps you are Jew-ish, you have relatives who are or were Jewish, but you aren’t sure of your status and are nervous about approaching a synagogue. Perhaps you are a Jew who has belonged to a synagogue in the past, but that didn’t work out. Whatever your story, I am happy to meet with you, to talk with you, study with you. People of all backgrounds, races, orientations, and genders are welcome.

I often teach classes and study with individuals. I also serve families who want a Jewish funeral, and I am happy to assist interfaith families in that situation. I do not officiate at weddings or sponsor candidates for conversion.

If a coffee shop sounds like an odd place for a rabbi, read The Stimulating Story of Jews and Coffee.

For more information, or to sign up for my newsletter of upcoming classes, use the form below to tell me what you are seeking.

– Rabbi Ruth Adar

The Coffee Shop Rabbi


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